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MilkyWay Class Reference

Manages the displaying of the Milky Way. More...

#include <MilkyWay.hpp>

Inherits StelModule.

List of all members.

Public Slots

float getIntensity () const
void setIntensity (float aintensity)
Vec3f getColor () const
void setColor (const Vec3f &c)
void setFlagShow (bool b)
bool getFlagShow (void) const

Public Member Functions

virtual void init ()
virtual void draw (StelCore *core)
virtual void update (double deltaTime)
virtual void updateI18n ()
virtual void updateSkyCulture (const QString &skyCultureDir)
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const

Detailed Description

Manages the displaying of the Milky Way.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MilkyWay::init (  )  [virtual]

Initialize the class.

Here we load the texture for the Milky Way and get the display settings from application settings, namely the flag which determines if the Milky Way is displayed or not, and the intensity setting.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void MilkyWay::draw ( StelCore core  )  [virtual]

Draw the Milky Way.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void MilkyWay::update ( double  deltaTime  )  [virtual]

Update and time-dependent state.

Updates the fade level while the Milky way rendering is being changed from on to off or off to on.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void MilkyWay::updateI18n (  )  [inline, virtual]

Does nothing in the MilkyWay module.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

virtual void MilkyWay::updateSkyCulture ( const QString &  skyCultureDir  )  [inline, virtual]

Does nothing in the MilkyWay module.

skyCultureDir the name of the directory containing the sky culture to use.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

virtual double MilkyWay::getCallOrder ( StelModuleActionName  actionName  )  const [inline, virtual]

Used to determine the order in which the various modules are drawn.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

float MilkyWay::getIntensity (  )  const [inline, slot]

Get Milky Way intensity.

void MilkyWay::setIntensity ( float  aintensity  )  [inline, slot]

Set Milky Way intensity.

Vec3f MilkyWay::getColor (  )  const [inline, slot]

Get the color used for rendering the milky way.

void MilkyWay::setColor ( const Vec3f c  )  [inline, slot]

Sets the color to use for rendering the milky way.

void MilkyWay::setFlagShow ( bool  b  )  [slot]

Sets whether to show the Milky Way.

bool MilkyWay::getFlagShow ( void   )  const [slot]

Gets whether the Milky Way is displayed.

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