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StelLoadingBar Class Reference

This class is used to display loading bar. More...

#include <StelLoadingBar.hpp>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 StelLoadingBar (float fontSize, const QString &splashTex, const QString &extraTextString="", float extraTextSize=30.f, float extraTextPosx=0.f, float extraTextPosy=0.f)
void SetMessage (QString m)
void Draw (float val)

Detailed Description

This class is used to display loading bar.

A StelLoadingBar has a progress bar whose value can be set after the creation of the StelLoadingBar, and a text display area, whose contents may also be modified after the creation of the StelLoadingBar. It can also have an image which is set at object creation time, and some static text (called extra text, which is set at object creation time. Stellarium's splash screen, visible when the program is first started, is a StelLoadingBar. The image is the logo for the project, the extra text is used to show the application name and version.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StelLoadingBar::StelLoadingBar ( float  fontSize,
const QString &  splashTex,
const QString &  extraTextString = "",
float  extraTextSize = 30.f,
float  extraTextPosx = 0.f,
float  extraTextPosy = 0.f 

Create and initialise the StelLoadingBar.

fontSize the size of the font to use in the StelLoadingBar
splashTex the file name of a texture to display with the StelLoadingBar
extraTextString extra text which does not change during the life life of the StelLoadingBar. This is used for the application name and version when the StelLoadingBar is used as a splash screen.
extraTextSize the size of the font used for the exta text
extraTextPosx the x position of the extra text
extraTextPosy the y position of the extra text

Member Function Documentation

void StelLoadingBar::SetMessage ( QString  m  )  [inline]

Set the message for the loading bar.

m a QString message to display under the loading bar

void StelLoadingBar::Draw ( float  val  ) 

Draw the StelLoadingBar, setting the value.

val the value which the progress bar should display. This is a float which should take a value between 0.0 and 1.0.

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