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TelescopeMgr Class Reference

This class manages the controlling of one or more telescopes by one instance of the stellarium program. More...

#include <TelescopeMgr.hpp>

Inherits StelObjectModule.

List of all members.

Public Slots

void setFlagTelescopes (bool b)
bool getFlagTelescopes () const
void setFlagTelescopeName (bool b)
bool getFlagTelescopeName () const
void setCircleColor (const Vec3f &c)
const Vec3fgetCircleColor () const
const Vec3fgetLabelColor () const
void setLabelColor (const Vec3f &c)
void setFontSize (float fontSize)
void moveTelescopeToSelected (void)

Public Member Functions

virtual void init ()
virtual void draw (StelCore *core)
virtual void update (double deltaTime)
virtual void setStelStyle (const StelStyle &style)
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const
virtual QList< StelObjectPsearchAround (const Vec3d &v, double limitFov, const StelCore *core) const
virtual StelObjectP searchByNameI18n (const QString &nameI18n) const
virtual StelObjectP searchByName (const QString &name) const
virtual QStringList listMatchingObjectsI18n (const QString &objPrefix, int maxNbItem=5) const
void telescopeGoto (int telescopeNr, const Vec3d &j2000Pos)
void deleteAllTelescopes ()

Detailed Description

This class manages the controlling of one or more telescopes by one instance of the stellarium program.

"controlling a telescope" means receiving position information from the telescope and sending GOTO commands to the telescope. No esoteric features like motor focus, electric heating and such. The actual controlling of a telescope is left to the implementation of the abstract base class Telescope.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void TelescopeMgr::init (  )  [virtual]

Initialize itself.

If the initialization takes significant time, the progress should be displayed on the loading bar.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void TelescopeMgr::draw ( StelCore core  )  [virtual]

Execute all the drawing functions for this module.

core the core to use for the drawing

Implements StelModule.

virtual void TelescopeMgr::update ( double  deltaTime  )  [virtual]

Update the module with respect to the time.

deltaTime the time increment in second since last call.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void TelescopeMgr::setStelStyle ( const StelStyle style  )  [virtual]

Load the given color style.

style the style object containing all necessary information on how to style widgets and text

Reimplemented from StelModule.

virtual double TelescopeMgr::getCallOrder ( StelModuleActionName  actionName  )  const [virtual]

Return the value defining the order of call for the given action For example if stars.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 10 and constellation.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 11, the stars module will be drawn before the constellations.

actionName the name of the action for which we want the call order
the value defining the order. The closer to 0 the earlier the module's action will be called

Reimplemented from StelModule.

virtual QList<StelObjectP> TelescopeMgr::searchAround ( const Vec3d v,
double  limitFov,
const StelCore core 
) const [virtual]

Search for StelObject in an area around a specifid point.

The function searches in a disk of diameter limitFov centered on v. Only visible objects (i.e curretly displayed on screen) should be returned.

v equatorial position at epoch J2000.
limitFov angular diameter of the searching zone in degree.
core the core instance to use.
the list of all the displayed objects contained in the defined zone.

Implements StelObjectModule.

virtual StelObjectP TelescopeMgr::searchByNameI18n ( const QString &  nameI18n  )  const [virtual]

Find a StelObject by name.

nameI18n The translated name for the current sky locale.
The matching StelObject if exists or the empty StelObject if not found.

Implements StelObjectModule.

virtual StelObjectP TelescopeMgr::searchByName ( const QString &  name  )  const [virtual]

Return the matching StelObject if exists or the empty StelObject if not found.

name the english object name

Implements StelObjectModule.

virtual QStringList TelescopeMgr::listMatchingObjectsI18n ( const QString &  objPrefix,
int  maxNbItem = 5 
) const [virtual]

Find and return the list of at most maxNbItem objects auto-completing passed object I18 name.

objPrefix the first letters of the searched object
maxNbItem the maximum number of returned object names
a list of matching object name by order of relevance, or an empty list if nothing matches

Implements StelObjectModule.

void TelescopeMgr::telescopeGoto ( int  telescopeNr,
const Vec3d j2000Pos 

Send a J2000-goto-command to the specified telescope.

telescopeNr the number of the telescope
j2000Pos the direction in equatorial J2000 frame

void TelescopeMgr::deleteAllTelescopes (  ) 

Remove all currently registered telescopes.

void TelescopeMgr::setFlagTelescopes ( bool  b  )  [inline, slot]

Set display flag for Telescopes.

bool TelescopeMgr::getFlagTelescopes (  )  const [inline, slot]

Get display flag for Telescopes.

void TelescopeMgr::setFlagTelescopeName ( bool  b  )  [inline, slot]

Set display flag for Telescope names.

bool TelescopeMgr::getFlagTelescopeName (  )  const [inline, slot]

Get display flag for Telescope names.

void TelescopeMgr::setCircleColor ( const Vec3f c  )  [inline, slot]

Set the telescope circle color.

const Vec3f& TelescopeMgr::getCircleColor (  )  const [inline, slot]

Get the telescope circle color.

const Vec3f& TelescopeMgr::getLabelColor ( void   )  const [inline, slot]

Get the telescope labels color.

void TelescopeMgr::setLabelColor ( const Vec3f c  )  [inline, slot]

Set the telescope labels color.

void TelescopeMgr::setFontSize ( float  fontSize  )  [slot]

Define font size to use for telescope names display.

void TelescopeMgr::moveTelescopeToSelected ( void   )  [slot]

For use from the GUI.

The telescope number will be chosen according to the action which triggered the slot to be triggered.

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