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BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray Class Reference

Manages all ZoneData structures of a given StelGeodesicGrid level. More...

#include <ZoneArray.hpp>

Inherited by BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< Star >, BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< BigStarCatalogExtension::Star1 >, BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< BigStarCatalogExtension::Star2 >, and BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< BigStarCatalogExtension::Star3 >.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

unsigned int getNrOfStars (void) const
virtual void updateHipIndex (HipIndexStruct hipIndex[]) const
virtual void searchAround (const StelNavigator *nav, int index, const Vec3d &v, double cosLimFov, QList< StelObjectP > &result)=0
virtual void draw (StelPainter *sPainter, int index, bool is_inside, const float *rcmag_table, StelCore *core, unsigned int maxMagStarName, float names_brightness) const =0
bool isInitialized (void) const
void initTriangle (int index, const Vec3d &c0, const Vec3d &c1, const Vec3d &c2)
virtual void scaleAxis (void)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static ZoneArraycreate (const QString &extended_file_name, bool use_mmap, StelLoadingBar *lb)

Public Attributes

const QString fname
const int level
const int mag_min
const int mag_range
const int mag_steps
double star_position_scale

Protected Member Functions

 ZoneArray (const QString &fname, QFile *file, int level, int mag_min, int mag_range, int mag_steps)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool readFileWithStelLoadingBar (QFile &file, void *data, qint64 size, StelLoadingBar *lb)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int nr_of_zones
unsigned int nr_of_stars
QFile * file

Detailed Description

Manages all ZoneData structures of a given StelGeodesicGrid level.

An instance of this class is never created directly; the named constructor returns an instance of one of its subclasses. All it really does is bootstrap the loading process.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::ZoneArray ( const QString &  fname,
QFile *  file,
int  level,
int  mag_min,
int  mag_range,
int  mag_steps 
) [protected]

Protected constructor. Initializes fields and does not load anything.

Member Function Documentation

static ZoneArray* BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::create ( const QString &  extended_file_name,
bool  use_mmap,
StelLoadingBar lb 
) [static]

Named public constructor for ZoneArray.

Opens a catalog, reads its header info, and creates a SpecialZoneArray or HipZoneArray for loading.

extended_file_name path of the star catalog to load from
use_mmap whether or not to mmap the star catalog
lb the loading bar on the splash screen
an instance of SpecialZoneArray or HipZoneArray

unsigned int BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::getNrOfStars ( void   )  const [inline]

Get the total number of stars in this catalog.

virtual void BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::updateHipIndex ( HipIndexStruct  hipIndex[]  )  const [inline, virtual]

Dummy method that does nothing. See subclass implementation.

Reimplemented in BigStarCatalogExtension::HipZoneArray.

virtual void BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::searchAround ( const StelNavigator nav,
int  index,
const Vec3d v,
double  cosLimFov,
QList< StelObjectP > &  result 
) [pure virtual]

virtual void BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::draw ( StelPainter sPainter,
int  index,
bool  is_inside,
const float *  rcmag_table,
StelCore core,
unsigned int  maxMagStarName,
float  names_brightness 
) const [pure virtual]

bool BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::isInitialized ( void   )  const [inline]

Get whether or not the catalog was successfully loaded.

true if at least one zone was loaded, otherwise false

void BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::initTriangle ( int  index,
const Vec3d c0,
const Vec3d c1,
const Vec3d c2 

Initialize the ZoneData struct at the given index.

static bool BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray::readFileWithStelLoadingBar ( QFile &  file,
void *  data,
qint64  size,
StelLoadingBar lb 
) [static, protected]

Load a catalog and display its progress on the splash screen.

true if successful, or false if an error occurred

Member Data Documentation

File path of the catalog.

Level in StelGeodesicGrid.

Lower bound of magnitudes in this catalog.

Range of magnitudes in this catalog.

Number of steps used to describe values in mag_range.

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