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StelLocation Class Reference

Store the informations for a location on a planet. More...

#include <StelLocation.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

QString getID () const
QString serializeToLine () const

Static Public Member Functions

static StelLocation createFromLine (const QString &line)

Public Attributes

QString name
QString country
QString state
QString planetName
double longitude
double latitude
int altitude
float bortleScaleIndex
QString landscapeKey
int population
QChar role

Detailed Description

Store the informations for a location on a planet.

Member Function Documentation

QString StelLocation::getID (  )  const [inline]

Return a short string which can be used in a list view.

QString StelLocation::serializeToLine (  )  const

Output the location as a string ready to be stored in the user_location file.

static StelLocation StelLocation::createFromLine ( const QString &  line  )  [static]

Parse a location from a line serialization.

Member Data Documentation

Location/city name.

English country name or empty string.

State/region name (usefull if 2 locations of the same country have the same name).

English planet name.

Longitude in degree.

Latitude in degree.

Altitude in meter.

Light pollution index following Bortle scale.

A hint for associating a landscape to the location.

Population in number of inhabitants.

Location role code C/B=Capital, R=Regional capital, N=Normal city, O=Observatory, L=lander, I=spacecraft impact, A=spacecraft crash.

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