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StelNoGui Class Reference

Dummy implementation of StelGuiBase to use when no GUI is used. More...

#include <StelNoGui.hpp>

Inherits StelGuiBase.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void init (QGraphicsWidget *topLevelGraphicsWidget, class StelAppGraphicsWidget *stelAppGraphicsWidget)
virtual void updateI18n ()
virtual void setStelStyle (const StelStyle &style)
virtual void setInfoTextFilters (const StelObject::InfoStringGroup &aflags)
virtual const
getInfoTextFilters () const
virtual class QProgressBar * addProgressBar ()
virtual QAction * addGuiActions (const QString &actionName, const QString &text, const QString &shortCut, const QString &helpGroup, bool checkable=true, bool autoRepeat=false)
virtual QAction * getGuiActions (const QString &actionName)
virtual void forceRefreshGui ()
virtual void setVisible (bool b)
virtual bool getVisible () const
virtual bool isCurrentlyUsed () const

Detailed Description

Dummy implementation of StelGuiBase to use when no GUI is used.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void StelNoGui::updateI18n (  )  [inline, virtual]

Translate all texts to the new Locale.

Reimplemented from StelGuiBase.

virtual void StelNoGui::setStelStyle ( const StelStyle style  )  [inline, virtual]

Load color scheme from the given ini file and section name.

Implements StelGuiBase.

virtual void StelNoGui::setInfoTextFilters ( const StelObject::InfoStringGroup aflags  )  [inline, virtual]

Get a pointer on the info panel used to display selected object info.

Implements StelGuiBase.

virtual class QProgressBar* StelNoGui::addProgressBar (  )  [virtual]

Add a new progress bar in the lower right corner of the screen.

When the progress bar is deleted the layout is automatically rearranged.

a pointer to the progress bar.

Implements StelGuiBase.

virtual QAction* StelNoGui::addGuiActions ( const QString &  actionName,
const QString &  text,
const QString &  shortCut,
const QString &  helpGroup,
bool  checkable = true,
bool  autoRepeat = false 
) [inline, virtual]

Add a new action managed by the GUI.

This method should be used to add new shortcuts to the program

actionName qt object name. Used as a reference for later uses
text the text to display when hovering, or in the help window
shortCut the qt shortcut to use
helpGroup hint on how to group the text in the help window
checkable whether the action should be checkable
autoRepeat whether the action should be autorepeated

Reimplemented from StelGuiBase.

virtual QAction* StelNoGui::getGuiActions ( const QString &  actionName  )  [inline, virtual]

Get a pointer on an action managed by the GUI.

actionName qt object name for this action
a pointer on the QAction object or NULL if don't exist

Reimplemented from StelGuiBase.

virtual void StelNoGui::setVisible ( bool  b  )  [inline, virtual]

Show whether the GUI is visible.

b when true, GUI will be shown, else it will be hidden.

Implements StelGuiBase.

virtual bool StelNoGui::getVisible (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Get the current visible status of the GUI.

Implements StelGuiBase.

virtual bool StelNoGui::isCurrentlyUsed (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Show wether the Gui is currently used.

This can then be used to optimize the rendering to increase reactivity.

Implements StelGuiBase.

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