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BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< Star > Class Template Reference

Implements all the virtual methods in ZoneArray. More...

#include <ZoneArray.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SpecialZoneArray (QFile *file, bool byte_swap, bool use_mmap, int level, int mag_min, int mag_range, int mag_steps)

Protected Member Functions

SpecialZoneData< Star > * getZones (void) const
void draw (StelPainter *sPainter, int index, bool is_inside, const float *rcmag_table, StelCore *core, unsigned int maxMagStarName, float names_brightness) const
void scaleAxis (void)
void searchAround (const StelNavigator *nav, int index, const Vec3d &v, double cosLimFov, QList< StelObjectP > &result)

Protected Attributes

Star * stars

Detailed Description

template<class Star>
class BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< Star >

Implements all the virtual methods in ZoneArray.

Is only separate from ZoneArray because ZoneArray decides on the template parameter.

Template Parameters:
Star either Star1, Star2 or Star3, depending on the brightness of stars in this catalog.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Star>
BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< Star >::SpecialZoneArray ( QFile *  file,
bool  byte_swap,
bool  use_mmap,
int  level,
int  mag_min,
int  mag_range,
int  mag_steps 

Handles loading of the meaty part of star catalogs.

file catalog to load from
byte_swap whether to switch endianness of catalog data
use_mmap whether or not to mmap the star catalog
level level in StelGeodesicGrid
mag_min lower bound of magnitudes
mag_range range of magnitudes
mag_steps number of steps used to describe values in range

Member Function Documentation

template<class Star>
void BigStarCatalogExtension::SpecialZoneArray< Star >::draw ( StelPainter sPainter,
int  index,
bool  is_inside,
const float *  rcmag_table,
StelCore core,
unsigned int  maxMagStarName,
float  names_brightness 
) const [protected, virtual]

Draw stars and their names onto the viewport.

sPainter the painter to use
index zone index to draw
is_inside whether the zone is inside the current viewport
rcmag_table table of magnitudes
core core to use for drawing
maxMagStarName magnitude limit of stars that display labels
names_brightness brightness of labels

Implements BigStarCatalogExtension::ZoneArray.