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StelNoGui Member List

This is the complete list of members for StelNoGui, including all inherited members.
addGuiActions(const QString &actionName, const QString &text, const QString &shortCut, const QString &helpGroup, bool checkable=true, bool autoRepeat=false)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
addProgressBar()StelNoGui [virtual]
forceRefreshGui() (defined in StelNoGui)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
getGuiActions(const QString &actionName)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
getInfoTextFilters() const (defined in StelNoGui)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
getVisible() const StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
init(QGraphicsWidget *topLevelGraphicsWidget, class StelAppGraphicsWidget *stelAppGraphicsWidget) (defined in StelNoGui)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
isCurrentlyUsed() const StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
setInfoTextFilters(const StelObject::InfoStringGroup &aflags)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
setStelStyle(const QString &section)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
setVisible(bool b)StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
stelAppGraphicsWidget (defined in StelGuiBase)StelGuiBase [protected]
StelGuiBase() (defined in StelGuiBase)StelGuiBase
StelNoGui() (defined in StelNoGui)StelNoGui [inline]
updateI18n()StelNoGui [inline, virtual]
~StelGuiBase() (defined in StelGuiBase)StelGuiBase [inline, virtual]
~StelNoGui() (defined in StelNoGui)StelNoGui [inline]