Stellarium 0.11.0
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Public Member Functions

Meteor Class Reference

Models a single meteor. More...

#include <Meteor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Meteor (const StelCore *, double v)
bool update (double deltaTime)
void draw (const StelCore *core, StelPainter &sPainter)
bool isAlive (void)

Detailed Description

Models a single meteor.

Control of the meteor rate is performed in the MeteorMgr class. Once created, a meteor object only lasts for some amount of time, and then "dies", after which, the update() member returns false. The live/dead status of a meteor may also be determined using the isAlive member.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Meteor::Meteor ( const StelCore ,
double  v 

Create a Meteor object.

vthe velocity of the meteor in km/s.

Member Function Documentation

bool Meteor::isAlive ( void  )

Determine if a meteor is alive or has burned out.

true if alive, else false.
bool Meteor::update ( double  deltaTime)

Updates the position of the meteor, and expires it if necessary.

true of the meteor is still alive, else false.