Stellarium 0.11.1
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RefractionExtinction Class Reference

#include <RefractionExtinction.hpp>

Detailed Description

This class performs refraction and extinction computations, following literature from atmospheric optics and astronomy.

Airmass computations are limited to meaningful altitudes, and refraction solutions can only be aproximate, given the turbulent, unpredictable real atmosphere. The solution provided here will [hopefully!] result in a visible "zone of avoidance" near the horizon down to altitude -2, and will show stars in their full brightness at their geometrical positions below -5 degrees. Of course, plotting stars below the horizon could be coupled to setting of horizon foreground, it's another usability issue. Typical horizons do not go down below -1, so strange effects between -2 and -5 should be covered. Note that forward/backward are no absolute reverse operations! All the computations should be in effect (1) only if atmosphere effects are true (2) only for celestial objects, never for landscape coordinates (3) only for terrestrial locations, not on Moon/Mars/Saturn etc