Stellarium 0.11.1
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SimbadLookupReply Class Reference

#include <SimbadSearcher.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  SimbadLookupStatus { SimbadLookupQuerying, SimbadLookupErrorOccured, SimbadLookupFinished }


void statusChanged ()

Public Member Functions

QMap< QString, Vec3dgetResults () const
SimbadLookupStatus getCurrentStatus () const
QString getCurrentStatusString () const
QString getErrorString () const

Detailed Description

Contains all the information about a current simbad lookup query.

Instances of this class are generated by the SimbadSearcher class.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Possible status for a simbad query.


Simbad is still being queried.


An error occured while looking up Simbad. Call getErrorString() for a description of the error.


The query is over. The reply can be deleted.