Stellarium 0.11.1
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StelObserver Class Reference

#include <StelObserver.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 StelObserver (const StelLocation &loc)
virtual void update (double)
Vec3d getCenterVsop87Pos (void) const
double getDistanceFromCenter (void) const
Mat4d getRotAltAzToEquatorial (double jd) const
Mat4d getRotEquatorialToVsop87 (void) const
virtual const QSharedPointer
< Planet
getHomePlanet (void) const
virtual const StelLocationgetCurrentLocation () const
virtual bool isObserverLifeOver () const
virtual bool isTraveling () const
virtual StelObservergetNextObserver () const

Protected Attributes

StelLocation currentLocation
QSharedPointer< Planetplanet

Detailed Description

Should be renamed as PlanetBasedObserver and derive from a more generical StelObserver class.