Stellarium 0.11.2
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StelObject Member List
This is the complete list of members for StelObject, including all inherited members.
AbsoluteMagnitude enum valueStelObject
AllInfoStelObject [static]
AltAzi enum valueStelObject
CatalogNumber enum valueStelObject
Distance enum valueStelObject
Extra1 enum valueStelObject
Extra2 enum valueStelObject
Extra3 enum valueStelObject
getAltAzPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosAuto(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAngularSize(const StelCore *core) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getCloseViewFov(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getEnglishName() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getEquinoxEquatorialPos(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getInfoColor() const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags=StelObject::AllInfo) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getJ2000EquatorialPos(const StelCore *core) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getNameI18n() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getParentSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const (defined in StelObject)StelObject [inline, virtual]
getPositionInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObject [protected]
getRegion() const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSelectPriority(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSideralPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getSideralPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getType() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getVMagnitude(const StelCore *core, bool withExtinction=false) const StelObject [virtual]
HourAngle enum valueStelObject
InfoStringGroup enum nameStelObject
Magnitude enum valueStelObject
Name enum valueStelObject
PlainText enum valueStelObject
postProcessInfoString(QString &str, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObject [protected]
RaDecJ2000 enum valueStelObject
RaDecOfDate enum valueStelObject
ShortInfoStelObject [static]
Size enum valueStelObject
~StelObject() (defined in StelObject)StelObject [inline, virtual]
~StelRegionObject(void) (defined in StelRegionObject)StelRegionObject [inline, virtual]