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GridLinesMgr Class Reference

The GridLinesMgr controls the drawing of the Azimuthal and Equatorial Grids, as well as the great circles: Meridian Line, Ecliptic Line and Equator Line. More...

#include <GridLinesMgr.hpp>

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Public Slots

void setFlagAzimuthalGrid (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagAzimuthalGrid (void) const
Vec3f getColorAzimuthalGrid (void) const
void setColorAzimuthalGrid (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagEquatorGrid (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagEquatorGrid (void) const
Vec3f getColorEquatorGrid (void) const
void setColorEquatorGrid (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagEquatorJ2000Grid (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagEquatorJ2000Grid (void) const
Vec3f getColorEquatorJ2000Grid (void) const
void setColorEquatorJ2000Grid (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagEclipticJ2000Grid (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagEclipticJ2000Grid (void) const
Vec3f getColorEclipticJ2000Grid (void) const
void setColorEclipticJ2000Grid (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagGalacticGrid (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagGalacticGrid (void) const
Vec3f getColorGalacticGrid (void) const
void setColorGalacticGrid (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagEquatorLine (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagEquatorLine (void) const
Vec3f getColorEquatorLine (void) const
void setColorEquatorLine (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagEclipticLine (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagEclipticLine (void) const
Vec3f getColorEclipticLine (void) const
void setColorEclipticLine (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagMeridianLine (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagMeridianLine (void) const
Vec3f getColorMeridianLine (void) const
void setColorMeridianLine (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagHorizonLine (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagHorizonLine (void) const
Vec3f getColorHorizonLine (void) const
void setColorHorizonLine (const Vec3f &newColor)
void setFlagGalacticPlaneLine (const bool displayed)
bool getFlagGalacticPlaneLine (void) const
Vec3f getColorGalacticPlaneLine (void) const
void setColorGalacticPlaneLine (const Vec3f &newColor)


void azimuthalGridDisplayedChanged (const bool) const
void azimuthalGridColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void equatorGridDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void equatorGridColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void equatorJ2000GridDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void equatorJ2000GridColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void eclipticJ2000GridDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void eclipticJ2000GridColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void galacticGridDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void galacticGridColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void equatorLineDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void equatorLineColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void eclipticLineDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void eclipticLineColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void meridianLineDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void meridianLineColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void horizonLineDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void horizonLineColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const
void galacticPlaneLineDisplayedChanged (const bool displayed) const
void galacticPlaneLineColorChanged (const Vec3f &newColor) const

Public Member Functions

virtual void init ()
virtual QString getModuleID () const
virtual void draw (StelCore *core)
virtual void update (double deltaTime)
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const


bool azimuthalGridDisplayed
Vec3f azimuthalGridColor
bool equatorGridDisplayed
Vec3f equatorGridColor
bool equatorJ2000GridDisplayed
bool eclipticJ2000GridDisplayed
Vec3f equatorJ2000GridColor
bool galacticGridDisplayed
Vec3f galacticGridColor
bool equatorLineDisplayed
Vec3f equatorLineColor
bool eclipticLineDisplayed
Vec3f eclipticLineColor
bool meridianLineDisplayed
Vec3f meridianLineColor
bool horizonLineDisplayed
Vec3f horizonLineColor
bool galacticPlaneLineDisplayed
Vec3f galacticPlaneLineColor

Detailed Description

The GridLinesMgr controls the drawing of the Azimuthal and Equatorial Grids, as well as the great circles: Meridian Line, Ecliptic Line and Equator Line.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void GridLinesMgr::draw ( StelCore core  )  [virtual]

Draw the grids and great circle lines.

Draws the Equatorial Grid, Azimuthal Grid, Meridian Line, Equator Line and Ecliptic Line according to the various flags which control their visibility.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

virtual void GridLinesMgr::init (  )  [virtual]

Initialize the GridLinesMgr.

This process checks the values in the application settings, and according to the settings there sets the visibility of the Equatorial Grid, Azimuthal Grid, Meridian Line, Equator Line and Ecliptic Line.

Implements StelModule.

virtual void GridLinesMgr::update ( double  deltaTime  )  [virtual]

Update time-dependent features.

Used to control fading when turning on and off the grid lines and great circles.

Implements StelModule.

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