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ScriptConsole Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Slots

void retranslate ()
void runScript ()
void loadScript ()
void saveScript ()
void clearButtonPressed ()
void preprocessScript ()
void scriptEnded ()
void appendLogLine (const QString &s)
void includeBrowse ()
void quickRun (int idx)
void rowColumnChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void styleChanged ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createDialogContent ()

Protected Attributes

Ui_scriptConsoleForm * ui

Member Function Documentation

void ScriptConsole::retranslate (  )  [virtual, slot]

Retranslate the content of the dialog.

Needs to be connected to StelApp::languageChanged(). At the very least, if the window is based on a Qt Designer file (.ui), the implementation needs to call the generated class' retranslateUi() method, like this:

 if (dialog) 

Implements StelDialog.

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