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SphericalPolygon Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 SphericalPolygon (const QVector< QVector< Vec3d > > &contours)
 SphericalPolygon (const QVector< Vec3d > &contour)
 SphericalPolygon (const OctahedronPolygon &octContour)
 SphericalPolygon (const QList< OctahedronPolygon > &octContours)
virtual SphericalRegionType getType () const
virtual OctahedronPolygon getOctahedronPolygon () const
virtual QVariantList toQVariant () const
virtual void serialize (QDataStream &out) const
virtual SphericalCap getBoundingCap () const
virtual bool contains (const Vec3d &p) const
virtual bool contains (const SphericalPolygon &r) const
virtual bool contains (const SphericalConvexPolygon &r) const
virtual bool contains (const SphericalCap &r) const
virtual bool contains (const SphericalPoint &r) const
virtual bool contains (const AllSkySphericalRegion &r) const
virtual bool intersects (const SphericalPolygon &r) const
virtual bool intersects (const SphericalConvexPolygon &r) const
virtual bool intersects (const SphericalCap &r) const
virtual bool intersects (const SphericalPoint &r) const
virtual bool intersects (const AllSkySphericalRegion &) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getIntersection (const SphericalPoint &r) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getIntersection (const AllSkySphericalRegion &) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getUnion (const SphericalPoint &) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getUnion (const EmptySphericalRegion &) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getSubtraction (const SphericalPoint &) const
virtual SphericalRegionP getSubtraction (const EmptySphericalRegion &) const
void setContours (const QVector< QVector< Vec3d > > &contours)
void setContour (const QVector< Vec3d > &contour)
QVector< QVector< Vec3d > > getClosedOutlineContours () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SphericalRegionP deserialize (QDataStream &in)
static SphericalRegionP multiUnion (const QList< SphericalRegionP > &regions, bool optimizeByPreGrouping=false)
static SphericalRegionP multiIntersection (const QList< SphericalRegionP > &regions)

Member Function Documentation

virtual SphericalCap SphericalPolygon::getBoundingCap (  )  const [virtual]

Return a bounding SphericalCap.

This method is heavily used and therefore needs to be very fast. The returned SphericalCap doesn't have to be the smallest one, but smaller is better.

Reimplemented from SphericalRegion.

virtual OctahedronPolygon SphericalPolygon::getOctahedronPolygon (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Return the octahedron contour representation of the polygon.

It can be used for safe computation of intersection/union in the general case.

Implements SphericalRegion.

void SphericalPolygon::setContour ( const QVector< Vec3d > &  contour  )  [inline]

Set a single contour defining the SphericalPolygon.

contour a contour defining the polygon area.
void SphericalPolygon::setContours ( const QVector< QVector< Vec3d > > &  contours  )  [inline]

Set the contours defining the SphericalPolygon.

contours the list of contours defining the polygon area. The contours are combined using the positive winding rule, meaning that the polygon is the union of the positive contours minus the negative ones.
virtual QVariantList SphericalPolygon::toQVariant (  )  const [virtual]

Serialize the region into a QVariant map matching the JSON format.

The format is:

 [[[ra,dec], [ra,dec], [ra,dec], [ra,dec]], [[ra,dec], [ra,dec], [ra,dec]],[...]]

it is a list of closed contours, with each points defined by ra dec in degree in the ICRS frame.

Implements SphericalRegion.

Reimplemented in SphericalTexturedPolygon.

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