Scenery3dMgr.cpp   Scenery3dMgr.cpp 
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//get the global configuration object //get the global configuration object
conf = StelApp::getInstance().getSettings(); conf = StelApp::getInstance().getSettings();
//create scenery3d object //create scenery3d object
scenery3d = new Scenery3d(this); scenery3d = new Scenery3d(this);
} }
Scenery3dMgr::~Scenery3dMgr() Scenery3dMgr::~Scenery3dMgr()
{ {
#ifndef NDEBUG
qDebug()<<"[Scenery3dMgr] Destructor called"; qDebug()<<"[Scenery3dMgr] Destructor called";
if(!cleanedUp) if(!cleanedUp)
deinit(); deinit();
delete storedViewDialog; delete storedViewDialog;
delete scenery3dDialog; delete scenery3dDialog;
} }
double Scenery3dMgr::getCallOrder(StelModuleActionName actionName) const double Scenery3dMgr::getCallOrder(StelModuleActionName actionName) const
{ {
if (actionName == StelModule::ActionDraw) if (actionName == StelModule::ActionDraw)
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