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BLURB - TO BE EXPANDED after discussion

At the moment, the Search dialog implements a "go to an object" feature, though the search itself is more like a "list lookup with auto-complete" - the results displayed are not full-text search results, but items beginning with the string that has been entered. The feature also sneakily adds results from an on-line, full-text search in the SIMBAD database, which can be a bit confusing.

An improved search/go to feature can be implemented either as a patch or a plug-in. It should provide real full-text search and list the results separately from the auto-complete suggestions. It should also provide an option to turn SIMBAD search on/off (e.g. with a checkbox) and indicate which search results are from SIMBAD and which are from the off-line catalogues.

Another standing problem is Greek character input for Bayer designations (e.g. "α Centauri"). At the moment, Bayer names can be entered by either using a Greek keyboard layout or by typing in the name of the letter (e.g. "Alpha Centauri"). It would be nice to have some kind of visual aid for the beginners. (The old blueprint can be superseded by this one if it is approved.)

After my Greek character input patch, Mike Storm started redesigning the internal workings of the Search feature, but as far as I know, this hasn't been completed:

Some people have asked for the ability to enter a set of coordinates (right ascension/declination or azimuth/altitude). This has been done once, experimentally, but was removed because it messed with the tab order. See revision 4325, when the feature was removed:

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