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It's par for the course these days that there are idiots out there who try to exploit the openness of wikis for their own ends. On the Stellarium wiki we have a zero-tolerance policy for this sort of nonsense. All users are encouraged to revert bad edits by spammers and vandals, and report users who did the dirty to a site admin:

If you are not sure if something counts as abuse, contact one of the site admins.

All of the following count as abuse of the Stellarium wiki:

  • Spam (any links to off-topic sites)
  • Off-topic content (if it's not about space or Stellarium, it's probably off-topic).
  • Deletion of proper content.
  • Abusive or inflammatory personal remarks about other users.

All abuse will result in an immediate permanent ban from the wiki.

In short: be nice.

Matthewg42 11:54, 2 September 2007 (PDT)

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