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Primary author Matthew Gates <>
Sky guide; exercise ideas Paul Robinson
Celestial sphere diagrams; numerous corrections Andras Mohari
Mac platform specifics Rudy Gobits, Dirk Schwarzhans
Windows platform specifics; Large parts of Appendix Astronomical Phenomena; Customisation of .fab files; Making a custom landscape (Appendix Creating a Personalised Landscape for Stellarium. Barry Gerdes
Japanese translation; many corrections Sigma
Colour/magnitude diagram The diagram is a modification of a diagram by Richard Powell who kindly granted permission for it to be distributed under the FDL
Many spelling corrections John Twin
The rest of the Stellarium developer team You know who you are... :-)

Additional material has been incorporated into the guide from sources that are published under the GNU FDL, including material from Wikipedia and the Astronomy book at Wikibooks.

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