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Here is a list of regions where we suspect there is erroneous data in the star catalogues.

Region Bounds (RA/Dec - J2000) Possible causes Appears in catalogue #'s Status (see note 1)
16h33m20.2s / 26°26'55" Antares spikes on original survey images? 7 Identified
5h13m54.5s / -7°50'16.9" Suspected artefacts near Rigel  ? Identified
please add!


1: Status values

Please use these statuses:

  • Identified - a rough description of the problem has been done - i.e. the RA/Dec added to the table above.
  • In Progress - someone is currently trying to list all the stars which are affected.
  • Detailed - all bad stars have been logged.
  • Fixed - the catalogue files have been fixed in the development repo.
  • Released - the fix should have been released and available for download.
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