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*Save your default location
*Save your default location
== Observation ==
*All stars from the Hipparcos catalogue
* Όλα τα αστέρια από τον κατάλογο Hipparcos
*The planets of our solar system, and their natural satellites
* Οι πλανήτες του ηλιακού μας συστήματος, και φυσικά τους δορυφόρους
*All Messier objects
* Όλα αντικειμένων Μεσιέ
*All NGC objects
* Όλα τα αντικείμενα NGC
*Planet orbits
* Τροχιές Planet
*Cardinal points
* Σημεία Cardinal
*Azimuthal grid
* Αζιμουθιακή πλέγμα
*Equatorial grid
* Ισημερινή πλέγμα
* Ecliptica
*Equator line
* Equator line  
*Meridian line
* Meridian γραμμή
*Moon scaling
* Moon scaling
*Object trails
* Μονοπάτια Object
*Asterisms and names of the constellations
* Asterisms και τα ονόματα των αστερισμών
*Constellation boundaries
* Όρια Constellation
*Compensation for light travel time
* Αποζημίωση για το φως του χρόνου ταξιδιού
*Equatorial/azimuthal mount
* Ισημερινής / azimuthal mount
*Disc viewport
Disc * viewport
*Observation from another planet, and as solar system observator
* Παρατήρηση από άλλο πλανήτη, και ως ηλιακό observator σύστημα
== Landscapes ==
== Landscapes ==

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A list of features and specifications of version 0.8.0 (to be completed, feel free to correct, add or rearrange). For features in future versions, please see Future features.


Basic controls

  • Look around by mousedragging, or moving your mouse against the edges of the window
  • Time control: forward, backward, return to present
  • Zoom
  • Tabbed configuration windows
  • Text user interface: minimalistic menu for use with dome projections
  • Clickable world cities map to set coordinates
  • Save your default location


  • All stars from the Hipparcos catalogue
  • The planets of our solar system, and their natural satellites
  • All Messier objects
  • All NGC objects
  • Planet orbits
  • Cardinal points
  • Azimuthal grid
  • Equatorial grid
  • Ecliptica
  • Equator line
  • Meridian line
  • Moon scaling
  • Object trails
  • Asterisms and names of the constellations
  • Constellation boundaries
  • Compensation for light travel time
  • Equatorial/azimuthal mount
  • FOV
  • Disc viewport
  • Observation from another planet, and as solar system observator


  • Fisheye projection
  • "old_style" projection, i.e. a ground texture and a number of side textures
  • Spherical panorama projection


  • Constellation art for the 88 Western constellations stemming from Greek mythology, and 11 for the Inuit sky culture
  • Realistic atmosphere
  • Fog near the earth's surface
  • Star twinkling
  • Meteor showers
  • Full screen or windowed mode
  • Perspective projection
  • Fisheye projection
  • Stereographic projection
  • Spherical mirror projection
  • True Type font rendering
  • Frames per second display
  • Frame rate limiter
  • Gravity labels for use in a dome
  • Light pollution simulation loosely callibrated to the Bortle Dark Sky Scale
  • Eye adaptation simulation


  • Sky culture: Western, Chinese, ancient Egyptian, Polynesian
  • Sky localization
  • Application localization


  • Script input window
  • Script loading via text user interface
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