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=Official packages=
The [ home page] contains links to the latest official releases for Windows, Mac OS, and a source package for Linux. The files themselves are hosted on Stellarium's project page at
As of 18 May 2012, the latest version is '''0.11.3'''. Direct links:
* [ '''Windows''' (32-bit, installer)]
* Previously, there was an universal package of '''Mac OS X''', but for 0.10.6, it was split in two. For 0.11.2, there are:
** [ Mac OS X (Universal)]
** [ Mac OS X (Intel)]
** [ Mac OS X (PowerPC)]
* [ '''Linux''' tarball (source package)] (for binary packages for Ubuntu, see below)
Older versions can be downloaded from the same place:
* [ Windows]
* [ Mac OS X]
* [ Source packages]
==Stellarium packages for Ubuntu==
===Ubuntu-maintained packages===
If you are running Ubuntu, a Stellarium package exists in the Ubuntu repositories. It can be installed either through the '''Software Center''', or through a terminal with the following command:
sudo apt-get install stellarium
===Stellarium Releases PPA===
As the Stellarium release schedule does not follow closely the Ubuntu release schedule, often the Stellarium version in Ubuntu's repositories is not the latest one. Stellarium's team provides a Launchpad PPA (personal package archive) that allows Ubuntu users to obtain the latest released version.
The page of the PPA in Launchpad is here: [ Stellarium Ubuntu Releases].
To install the packages from this PPA, you need to add it to your system's Software Sources. The PPA address is:
You can add it either in the '''Software Center''' ("Edit" -> "Software Sources..." -> "Other software" -> "Add.."), or with a terminal, using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install stellarium
===Daily Builds PPA===
There is also a "daily builds" PPA that provides automatically built packages from the latest development code. It is updated once daily, or less often if there are no changes to the code.
'''Warning:''' This is provided '''for testing purposes only'''. Nothing guarantees that the latest development code will be usable. Use it at your own risk! (Thankfully, Ubuntu makes removing packages easy.) For that reason, we don't provide detailed instructions for adding this PPA. If you don't know how to use a PPA, you shouldn't use this one.
*[ Stellarium Daily Builds]
=Unofficial Packages=
''Please do not report bugs found in unofficial builds.  Also, treat them as you would any software whose source cannot be easily verified (i.e. with caution).''
If you have, or know about, other unofficial builds (previews etc.), please list them here.
{{obsolete|January 2011}}
===For Stellarium 0.10.2/Ubuntu i386===
* Bundle containing AngleMeasure, CompassMarks, Ocular, TextUserInterface and Satellite plugins.  Un-tar this in your ~/.stellarium directory: [ stellarium-plugin-bundle.tar.bz2]
===For Stellarium 0.10.2/Win32===
* Bundle of plugins (AngleMeasure, CompassMarks, Ocular): [ stellarium-plugin-bundle.exe]
* AngleMeasre 0.0.5 (including configurable display colors via the module.ini file) [ stellarium-anglemeasure-plugin.exe]
* Satellites plugin installer (v0.1.1): [ stellarium-satellites-plugin.exe]
===For Stellarium 0.10.5/win32===
* With the release of version 0.10.5 the principal plugins are now static and will be automatically loaded when invoked from the configure menu
* Barry Gerdes maintains some updated pre-built patches and extras for Windows systems, which you can find on [ his site].
==Telescope Servers==
===Win32 Binaries===
*Zip file containing all the open source telescope servers [ here].
Or individually:
*[ TelescopeServerLx200.exe.gz]
*[ TelescopeServerNexStar.exe.gz]
*[ TelescopeServerDummy.exe.gz]
Some people have problems with their browsers: the browser silently unpacks the gziped file. If you suffer from such a problem, just rename the downloaded file to TelescopeServerLx200.exe (or similar).
*With version 0.10.5 the expanded telescope control plugin is now loaded and configured from the plugin section of the confugure menu (F2)

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