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If you know packages for other distributions, please add the link here.

操作系统 Architecture 版本 描述 下载
Windows x386 0.8.2 下载此文件, 解压并安装Stellarium. stellarium-0.8.2.exe
Mac OS X 通用 0.8.2 Universal Mac OS X package. stellarium-0.8.2.dmg
所有 (源码) 所有 0.8.2 源码打包, needs to be compiled for your OS/architecture. stellarium-0.8.2.tar.gz
Debian (unstable distribution) All 0.8.2-3 使用以下命令安装Stellarium: apt-get install stellarium debian package page

For files hosted on Sourceforge servers, clicking the download links takes you to a list of available servers. Choose one close to you, and download the file.

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