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Official Packages

For official release packages, please see the main page.

Older versions can be downloaded from the project download page.

Unofficial Packages

Please do not report bugs found in unofficial builds. Also, treat them as you would any software whose source cannot be easily verified (i.e. with caution).

Many Linux distributions provide fairly recent binary packages, so you do not have to build from source if you use one of them.

If you have, or know about, other unofficial builds (previews etc.), you can list them here.

Linux Mint 6 (Felicia) and Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) users could try an unofficial .deb installer I've made for version 0.10.0 beta that's found here:

[1] (The file is 43 Mb and contains extra texture for Pluto and Charon and some extra landscapes (Ganymede, Titan, Umbriel, Mars and 2 Dutch landscapes)

I used this tutorial to make this .deb file: [2]

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