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Stellarium responds to several keyboard commands, many of which are bound to actions that can't be performed in other ways.

Category Key Description
Movement & object selection Page up/down Zoom in/out
Movement & object selection CTRL+up/down; cursors Zoom in/out
Movement & object selection Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Movement & object selection Left mouse button Select object
Movement & object selection Right mouse button De-select object
Movement & object selection Backslash (\) Auto-zoom out
Movement & object selection Forward-slash (/) Auto-zoom in on selected object
Movement & object selection Space Centre on selected object
Display Options Enter Swap between equatorial and azimuthal mount
Display Options F1 Toggle full-screen mode (not available on some architectures)
Display Options c Toggle drawing of constellations
Display Options b Toggle drawing of constellations boundaries?
Display Options v Toggle drawing of constellation names
Display Options r Toggle drawing of constellation art
Display Options d Toggle star names
Display Options n Toggle nebulae names off / on (short) / on (long?)
Display Options e Toggle drawing of RA/Dec grid
Display Options z Cycle through: show meridian line; show Alt/Azi grid; neigher
Display Options p Cycle through: no planet labels; planet labels; planet labels with orbits
Display Options g Toggle drawing of ground
Display Options a Toggle drawing of atmosphere
Display Options f Toggle drawing of horizon fog
Display Options q Toggle drawing of cardinal points (N, S, E, W)
Display Options o Toggle moon scaling (4x /1x)
Display Options t Toggle object tracking (moves the view to keep selected object in the centre)
Display Options s Toggle drawing of stars
Display Options 4or , Cycle through: draw ecliptic; draw ecliptic & planet trails; draw neither
Display Options 5 or . Toggle drawing of equator line
Windows & other controls CTRL+s Take a screenshot (will be written to stellarium*.bmp)
Windows & other controls CTRL+r Toggle script recording
Windows & other controls CTRL+f Toggle search window
Windows & other controls h Toggle help window
Windows & other controls i Toggle information window
Windows & other controls 1 (digit one) Toggle configuration window
Windows & other controls m Toggle text menu
Windows & other controls ESC Close any open windows (help, info, & configuration)
Time & Date 6 Time rate pause (or script pause when a script is running)
Time & Date 7 Set time rate to zero (time stands still)
Time & Date 8 Set time to current time
Time & Date j Decrease time rate (or decrease script speed if a script is running)
Time & Date k Set time rate to normal (1 second per second)
Time & Date l Increase time rate (or increase script speed if a script is running)
Time & Date - Move back in time 24 hours
Time & Date = Move forward in time 24 hours
Time & Date [ Move back in time 7 days
Time & Date ] Move forward in time 7 days
Other CTRL+c Stop a running script
Other CTRL+q Quit Stellarium. (command+Q on the Mac)
Other < Volume down (only when a script is playing)
Other > Volume up (only when a script is playing)
Other 9 Cycle through meteor shower rates: low; medium; high; very high
Other CTRL+SHIFT+h Toggle horizontal image flipping
Other CTRL+SHIFT+v Toggle vertical image flipping
Other CTRL+[num] Make telescope [num] point at currently selected object

Taken from the Other keyboard Commands section of the on-line user guide.

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