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This page lists bugs and other issues specific to Stellarium 0.10.1 that are known to the community and/or the development team. The purpose of this list is to provide solutions and information about common problems, please report new bugs to the bug tracker.
== The "Stop script" button freezes Stellarium (Windows) ==
'''Description:''' Pressing the Stop button in the Configuration/Scripts dialog causes Stellarium to freeze. Reported on Windows XP and Vista.
* [ Feedback forum - problem in 0.10.1]
* [ Bug ID 2571821 - Windows XP, 0.10.1: Stopping a script freezes Stellarium]
'''Status:''' Fixed in the development version after 0.10.2 was released. It will not be present in 0.10.3.
'''Solution:''' Don't use this button until version 0.10.'''''3'''''.
== New locations can't be named ==
'''Description:''' When adding a new location, trying to enter any other name than "New Location" is impossible - anything typed in the Name/City text box is overwritten with "New Location".
* [ Bug ID 2525654 - Location Dialog Problems]
* [ Support request ID 2605229 - Adding name of new city]
* [ Bug ID 2608490 - Impossible to define new location in 0.10.1]
* [ Feedback forum - Define new location in 0.10.1]
'''Status:''' Fixed in [ revision 4224].
'''Solution:''' If you don't want to wait for 0.10.2 or to download and build the development version, there are two possible solutions:
* '''Patch:''' Download the modified from [ Barry Gerdes's Stellarium site] and replace the files in the installation directory.
* '''Workaround:''' User-defined locations are stored in a simple text file named ''user_locations.txt'' in /data in the user data directory. (See [ File Structure] to find out where this directory is on your system.) You can rename user-defined locations by manually editing the file - any simple text editor (e.g. Notepad) will suffice.
== The ''View'' window is broken (Russian translation) ==
'''Description:''' If the program language is set to Russian, the ''Sky and viewing options'' (''View'') window becomes abnormally wide, leaving the boundaries of the screen. This is caused by an over-long string that has been included in the Russian translation by mistake.
* [ Bug ID 2573325 - "Sky and viewing options" window nasty bug]
* [ Feedback forum - Stellarium 0.10.1: Russian language]
* [ Feedback forum - Russian translation bug]
'''Status:''' The string has been fixed in Launchpad, the bug should be fixed in the development version the next time .po files are updated, i.e. it will not be present in version 0.10.2.
'''Solution:''' If you don't want to wait for 0.10.2, the only solution is to [ download the updated .mo file] and overwrite the one in your installation:
*Under Linux, it should go to [install prefix]/share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/ (install prefix is usually /usr).
*Under Windows, it should go to [Program Files/Stellarium]/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/.
== Stellarium does not run (Windows Vista) ==
'''Description:''' Stellarium may be unable to start under Windows Vista because of the way Vista handles program access permissions.
* [ Feedback forum - 0.10.1 stopped working]
'''Solution:''' (by Mike Young, [ source])
<pre>To get a program to be recognized by Vista as Admin;
-right-click on program icon in start menu
-select properties and then the compatibility tab
-at the bottom you will see a check box to set the program's privilege level to run as Admin.
-check box, hit Apply.
This means you will probably get the "Allow" prompt every time you start Stellaruim, but if it works it's worth it.
== Stellarium attempts to connect to the Internet ==
'''Description:''' As of version 0.10.1, Stellarium has some new features that use an Internet connection. You may need to modify your firewall settings.
* Star catalog updates: Stellarium tries to connect to '''' (IP address after start-up to check for new star catalog updates. And, of course, to download new catalogs it has to connect to the SourceForge file servers.
* SIMBAD search: Stellarium connects to the SIMBAD astronomical database ('''', IP address to get more search suggestions/results in the Find dialog.
* [ Feedback forum - 0.10.1 attempting internet connection]
* [ Feature request ID 2596651 - Proxy configuration and firewall warnings]
== The position of Eris is wrong ==
'''Description:''' The position of Eris displayed by Stellarium does not match the position of Eris given by NASA. The orbital elements in the ''ssystem.ini'' file appear to be wrong.
* [ Bug ID 2619823 - Eris position wrong]
* [ Feedback forum - Eris possition wrong]
'''Status:''' Fixed in the development version in [ revision 4297]. The ssystem.ini file has been updated.
'''Solution:''' You can download the updated ssytem.ini from the SVN repository (e.g. using the link above).
== There is no Text User Interface (TUI) ==
'''Description:''' The TUI feature (used in planetariums) is not present in versions from 0.10.0 (beta) to 0.10.2. According to Fabien Chéreau, this feature should be recoded as a [[Plugins|plugin]]. ([ source]) As of March 2009, there is a development version of the plugin in the SVN repository ([ link]).
* [ Feedback forum - 0.10.1 not functionally for use in planetariu]
* [ Bug ID 2622956 - No TUI on "m" keypress]
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