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How to install landscapes

After you have downloaded the .zip file for a landscape from this page, you need to install it in Stellarium.



If you have Stellarium 0.10.6 or later version, you can use the "Add/remove landscapes" feature to install landscapes automatically:

  • Open the "Sky and viewing options" window by clicking on the appropriate button in the left button bar (or press the F4 key).
  • The "Add/remove landscapes" button is at the bottom of the "Landscape" tab.
  • When you press it, the "Add/remove landscapes" window will appear. It allows you to install .zip files containing landscapes. It also lists the user-installed landscapes and allows you to remove them.

Note that while this makes installing landscapes easier, it may also cause you to overlook what else is included in the ZIP archive. Landscape packages created without this feature in mind may contain other files, such as alternative textures in different sizes.



If you are using an earlier version of Stellarium, you can follow this procedure to install a landscape package:

  1. Browse to your User Data Directory, which varies according to your operating system. (eg. in Windows Vista/7 enter  %appdata%\stellarium in Explorer's location bar )
  2. Create a sub-directory called landscapes in your user directory (if it doesn't exist).
  3. Unzip the landscape .zip file in the landscapes directory (if it's done right, a sub-directory should be created for each landscape).

NOTE: Older version of Stellarium (prior to v0.9.0) used a slightly different mechanism for doing landscapes. You can find a list of the old landscapes here.

Since version 0.10.5 Stellarium has problems in correctly loading old style landscapes (multi panel) if they are not 8 or 16 panel panoramas. Some old 4,7,9 qnd 10 side panoramas converted into 8 ides can be found here

  • [1] (Wiruna field Barry's site)
  • [2] (Egarden 8 panel Barry's site)
  • [3] (Como area Sydney Barry's site)

User contributed landscapes (by continent)

We have landscapes for the seven continents (in the seven continent model) - all, including from Antarctica !


husband-hill.jpg Husband Hill, Mars Johan Public Domain 0.9.x English
Johan transformed this Mars image from NASA into a spherical panorama that can be used with Stellarium. Mars rover Spirit made this image during August 24 to 27, 2005. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell. Read more on this webpage.

landscape_marsopportunity_thumb.jpg Mars Opportunity Rover Mike Public Domain 0.9.x English
Mike sent posted this landscape in the forums. Another nice Mars rover landscape.

landscape_iss_thumb.png International Space Station Makc GPL 0.9.x English
Landscape made using some screen shots and data from the wonderful Celestia. Set the projection mode to stereographic, zoom out to a wide field of view and point down towards the ground to get the nice rounded "planet" effect.

landscape_apollo_11_thumb.jpg Apollo 11 landing site Mathew Myrup N/A 0.9.x English
This landscape is made using NASA photographs taken by Buzz Aldrin. Look down and you can see Buzz's footprints :)

landscape_apollo_17_thumb.jpg Apollo 17 landing site Mathew Myrup N/A 0.9.x English
This landscape is made using NASA photographs taken by Gene Cernan.


idehan.jpg Idehan Ubari, Libya Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz N/A 0.10.x English
This is a panoramic view of the desert of Idehan Ubari in Libya.

leptis.jpg Leptis Magna, Libya Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz N/A 0.10.x English
This is a panoramic view of the theatre of the Roman city of Leptis Magna. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.

sahara.jpg Sahara, Libya Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz N/A 0.10.x English
This is a panoramic view from somewhere in the middle of the Sahara in Libya.

waw-al-namus.jpg Volcano Waw al-Namus, Libya Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz N/A 0.10.x English
This is a panoramic view of Volcano Waw al-Namus in the Sahara.

capmasoala_thumb.jpg Cap Masoala, Madagascar Matthias D. Frei GPLv2+ 0.9.x English
This panorama was photographed from the abandoned French lighthouse at the southernmost point of the Masoala peninsula in Madagascar. It provides a spectacular view over the Indian Ocean and the Masoala peninsula that is still mainly covered with rainforest. More information about this particular place can be found here

landscape_mbabane_thumb.jpg Mbabane, Swaziland Quinton Reissmann N/A 0.9.x English
Mbabane is the capital of the little kingdom of Swaziland. Waterford/Kamhlaba is an international school on a mountain side which prides itself in cultural diversity. In SiSwati "kamhlaba" means "a world in miniature". The actual view is from the sports field where we usually set up the telescope.


landscape_everest_thumb.png Mount Everest Makc © 0.9.x English
Amazing parorama of the summit of Mount Everest, 8.85 km above sea level. Roddy Mackenzie, who climbed the mountain in 1989, captured the image.

landscape_jantar_thumb.png Jantar Mantar Barry Perlus & Stellarium team CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 0.9.x English
Professor Barry Perlus of Cornell University allowed us to use his panoramic photography of one of the Jantar Mantars in India to create this landscape. For more information on these fascinating scientific and architectural works see


beaumont-hills.jpg Beaumont Hills, Sydney, Australia Barry Gerdes GPLv2+ 0.9.x English
Barry made an interesting multiple-image landscape from the rooftop of his house. You can find a detailed account of how this was done in the Stellarium User Guide.

transit-hill.jpg Transit Hill, Lord Howe Island, Australia Graeme Ewing N/A 0.9.x English
Graeme Ewing Contributed this panorama of the astronomically significant and visually stunning Transit Hill site Northeast of Sydney, Australia.

landscape_penneshaw_thumb.png Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, Australia Clive Nelson N/A 0.9.x English
Penneshaw is a small township at the Northwest end of Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia. In the north is the entrance to Gulf St Vincent and the Australian mainland. In the east is the Penneshaw township, To the west, on the horizon, is Kingscote, the main town on Kangaroo Island.

landscape_largsbay_thumb.jpg Largs Bay in South Australia Martin Lewicki GPL 0.9.x English
Panoramic view of Largs Bay in South Australia 8 panel old style landscape. Largs Pier Hotel facade in SSE and Largs Bay Sailing Club due east. Jetty extends to Gulf St Vincent to the west.


wurania.png Michael Prokosch - Urania Observatory, Vienna, Austria. The Urania Observatory (48°12′41.88″N 16°23′1.53″E) is located right in the middle of the city of Vienna, capital of Austria. Built in 1910 under emporer Franz Joseph I. it's the countries oldest non-scientifical observatory still in use for people's education. This landscape was taken in August 2011. If you are not distracted by the stars, you can even see St. Stephan's cathedral, the Viennese Giant Wheel and the Danube Canal. File size is about 11.5 MB.


monteurano.jpg Monte Urano - Italy: landscape at Monte Urano (43°12′21.46″N 13°40′19.38″E), a nice small country situated in Central Italy in the region of Marche.


Thumbnail.png Quiero Regresar a mi Planeta - Port of La Guardia, Galicia, Spain Kmz file. La Guardia is a fishing village in Galicia, in the NW. of Spain. This landscape was taken on the 19/07/2008.


Thumbnail.png Quiero Regresar a mi Planeta - Castle of Castro Laboreiro 13th Century, Melgaço, Portugal Kmz file. Castro Laboreiro is a village in Melgaço, in the NW. of Portugal. This landscape was taken on the 15/08/2010.


thumbnail.png José Ángel Estévez - Las Cañadas del Teide, Tenerife, Spain. This landscape of Las Cañadas was built in April 2008. It's located in the center of Tenerife island, Canary Islands. It can be viewed the Teide volcano -the highest mountain in Spain: 3.718 mts.-, El Llano de Ucanca and Los Roques de García with the characteristic rock "El Cinchado" which, with Teide Volcano, appeared in the old 1.000 ptas. bill. Download Note: If you have problems with the landscape (landscape may not appear because low memory on VGA chip), try to download and replace the PNG landscape with this 50% scaled image.
landscape_jungfraujoch_tmb.png Christian Waldvogel - Jungfraujoch High Altitude Research Station, Switzerland. Lying at 3580m in the Bernese Alps, the Jungfraujoch is often dubbed "Top of Europe". It has been home to an astronomical observation station for more than 80 years. The spherical landscape was created from 20 images taken on June 29th, 2008, at 1015, from the lower terrace of the Sphinx Obervatory. The landscape comes in three resolutions (1024 / 2048 / 4096).


landscape_rodiano_tmb.png Christian Waldvogel - Frantoio Rodiano, Italy. The Frantoio Rodiano (Rodiano oil press) is situated on the foot of Mount Gargano in Puglia / Italy. Just a few kilometers uphill lies Monte Sant'Angelo, the famous stop for christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Stargazing has been kin to this region for milleniae: the oldest graves found in the Frantoio's vicinity date back to pre-etruscan times, and the famous Castel del Monte, an astronomical observation in itself, is not far either. The spherical landscape was created from 8 images taken on September 20th, 2010, at 1707, from the uppermost terrace of the Frantoio Rodiano. The landscape comes in three resolutions (1024 / 2048 / 4096).


muchachos_thumb.jpg Uwe Buecher - Roque de los Muchachos, La Palma, Spain. This high resolution landscape was built with hugin from 20 photos taken in October 2007. It is located on top of the highest mountain on La Palma, Canary Islands. You can see the Buildings of the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, one of them is the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) which is the greatest telescope in the world today (10.4m diameter) Download
landscape_egarden_thumb.png Rob Spearman & Johan Meuris - English Garden, Munich, Germany. This high resolution landscape was taken in April 2007 by Rob. Johan helped with the post production. The result is a very high quality landscape. Download
landscape_egarden_thumb.png Rob Spearman & Johan Meuris - English Garden, Munich, Germany. The original English Garden landscape was re-constructed by Barry Gerdes as an old_style landscape. This means that it can be used with video hardware which cannot cope with single very large texture files, and yet preserves the resolution of the landscape (by splitting the images into multiple files). Try this is the original English Garden landscapes doesn't load on your computer. Download
voksenlia.jpg Steinar Midtskogen - Voksenlia, Oslo, Norway. Steinar Midtskogen sent this huge (17 MiB!) spherical landscape image of Voksenlia, Oslo, Norway (59°58'14N, 10°38'57E, alt=348m). (Currently not working with version 0.9.0).


observatory-hill-Barry.jpg Friedrich Noelle & Barry Gerdes - Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland. Friedrich Noelle took a nice panorama of Observatory Hill, Edinburgh which Barry converted into a Stellarium landscape.


sight_thumb.jpg Grahame Gardner - Sighthill stone circle, Glasgow, Scotland. Sighthill stone circle is a modern stone ring constructed in 1979 by amateur astronomer and SF writer Duncan Lunan. Located next to the M8 motorway in Glasgow city centre, yet with surprisingly good views, the circle has alignments to the solsticial solar rises and settings and the lunar standstills. Alignments to the rising of Rigel are included for 1979 AD and 1800 BC. (2MB)


beech_thumb.jpg Grahame Gardner - Beech Hill stone circle, nr. Nutley, E. Sussex, England. Beech Hill is a modern stone ring constructed in 2000 by Ivan McBeth and Richard Creightmore of The Geomancy Group Located in the Ashdown Forest, the circle's main alignment is to the Pole Star, denoted by the angled outlier. (2.2MB)


calave_tb.jpg Grahame Gardner - Calanais I (Callanish) Avenue, Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland. Callanish is arguably the finest megalithic monument in the British Isles, and is just the largest site in a vast complex of interconnected monuments designed to observe the southern major standstills of the moon. From this position at the end of the avenue, the moon is seen to set behind the rocky outcrop of Cnoc-an-Tursa, only to 're-gleam' in the centre of the main circle a short time afterwards. (4MB)


machrie_tb.jpg Grahame Gardner - Machrie Moor 5, Isle of Arran, Scotland. This delightful little double-concentric stone circle is the first site you come to when visiting the Machrie Moor complex of megalithic sites on Arran. Although not the most spectactular site in the group, it is one of the most complete and has good views. (7.3MB)


mitchthumbnail.jpg Ian Pegler - Mitchell's Fold stone circle, Shropshire, England. This wonderful ancient stone circle stands on a plateau amid the rolling Shropshire hills and is loved by walkers, dowsers and Wiccans alike. April 2010 - new version uploaded, featuring improved centre camera position based on Alexander Thom's geometry and improved alignments. (1.8MB)


aveburyn_thumb.jpg Ian Pegler - Avebury - North circle, Wiltshire, England. The North circle of the largest megalithic complex in Europe. In the background you can just make out the Red Lion pub. (1MB)


vallecrucis_thumb.jpg Ian Pegler - Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, North Wales. This ruined Cistercian abbey dates to 1200 but may be the site of a much earlier Dark Age settlement with a very early Christian church. (2.5MB)


ponta-da-piedade.jpg Johan - Ponta da Piedade, Algarve, Lagos, Portugal. Johan photographed this panorama in June 2006 and stitched it together into a spherical panorama that can be used with Stellarium. You see sandstone cliffs on the Atlantic coast of southern Portugal, a lighthouse, and a natural bridge.


landscape_gurnigel_thumb.png Martin Mutti - Gurnigel, Switzerland. This is the site of the Bern Astronomical Society's observing site.


tishinka-ardashev.jpg Dmitri Ardashev - Tishinka, Russia. This is a small village between Moscow's and Kaluga's regions, in 130 km south-west of Moscow(55°18'32.46N, 36°26'42.06E, alt=195).


landscape_t60pic_thumb.jpg Sylvain Rondi - T60 dome, Pic du Midi Observatory, France. Sylvain photographed this panorama in February 2007 and stitched it together into a spherical panorama that can be used with Stellarium. This is the panoramic view from the amateur 60cm telescope dome from T60 Association, installed at Pic du Midi Observatory.


landscape_t1mpic_thumb.jpg Sylvain Rondi - T1M terrasse, Pic du Midi Observatory, France. Sylvain photographed this panorama in February 2007 and stitched it together into a spherical panorama that can be used with Stellarium. This is the panoramic view from the terrasse of the professional 106cm telescope at Pic du Midi Observatory (France).


landscape_sheffieldrivelin_thumb.png Jan Wedekind - River Rivelin, Sheffield, UK. This is a 270° fisheye panorama created from 40 photos using Hugin. It shows the River Rivelin in Sheffield in the middle of April 2007. The fringes (twigs and tree tops) where dimmed out using The Gimp. The overexposed parts of the horizon have been removed. Copyright (C) 2007, Jan Wedekind, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License 2.0


landscape_ares_thumb.jpg Rubén Castiñeiras Lorenzo - Ares, Galicia, Spain. Ares is a small fishing village in Galicia, in the NW of Spain, close to the city of Ferrol. The 360 degree image was taken at the noon of August 6th, 2007, just in front of the "Paseo Rosalía de Castro". It has been made with 17 photos, stitched with Hugin 0.7 beta 4 and retouched with the Gimp 2.2.17..


landscape_ovindoli_thumb.jpg Pierluigi Panunzi - Ovindoli, Italy. Ovindoli is a famous ski resort in central Italy.


rustrel.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Rustrel, France. This is a panoramic view of the Colorado de Rustrel in "Les Sentiers de l'Ocre et du Fer", Provence, France.


Stintino.jpg aid85 - Stintino, Italy. High resolution 360° landscape taken at "LaPelosa" beach in Stintino (SS) Sardinia \ Italy - Europe \ Mediterranean Sea.


vatican.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - St Peter's Square, Vatican. This is a panoramic view of the St Peter's Square. City of Vatican. Some parts of the buildings are missing, not enough pictures... This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


Larvotto.jpg aid85 - Munegu, MC. High resolution 360° landscape taken at Larvotto beach in Munegu \ Monaco - MC (MonteCarlo) - Europe \ Mediterraneum Sea - Ligurian Sea.


thumbnails.jpg Angel Juan Martínez - Cocentaina, Spain. This is a panoramic view from the roof of the Secondary School of Cocentaina, a little town of the Pais Valencià (Spain), in the mountains that are between Valencia and Alicante, where I teach Astronomy with the help of Stellarium.


tulipfield.jpg Jeroen Adolfse - Amstelveen, The Netherlands. This landscape shows the tulipfields in spring (may 2008) in Schagerbrug, North Holland. It's an old_style landscape. (file is 4.5 Mb)


oudmeer_sample.png Roland Mathijssen - Son & Breugel, The Netherlands. This landscape shows the Oude Meer (Old Lake) in the Sonse Heide in Son (close to Eindhoven). (file is 5.4 MB)


sirene.png Cyprien Pouzenc - Sirene Observatory, Lagarde d'Apt (84), France. Panoramic view of installations. Previously the site was used as a nuclear lauching pad. Now days, Sirene accepts everybody for astronomical observations. (File is 11 Mb)


vonarskard-tn.png Sveinn í Felli - Vonarskarð, Passage of Hope, Iceland. This is the geographical center of Iceland, a barren pass between glaciers. Being sheltered from southern vinds by the huge Vatnajökull glacier, a great cold mass which then eliminates most humididy from the air, makes the place unusually good for stargazing. Old-style landscape, resolution is a bit low. (File is 1.1 Mb)


woodhenge_winter_solstice_sunset_ts.png Hugo Jenks - Woodhenge near Stonehenge, was constructed around 2200 BC. It comprised numerous wooden posts set into the chalky ground. These posts of course decayed, and their positions today are marked with concrete cylinders.

The posts are arranged, in plan view, as a series of concentric egg shapes. The axis of the egg shapes aligns approximately with summer solstice sunrise. Download

stonehenge_screenshot_st.jpg Hugo Jenks - Stonehenge. Was it an observatory? Yes indeed it was! The alignment of the monument with the summer solstice sunrise has been well known for many years. The alignment with the winter solstice sunset may have been more significant. For the first time, many additional alignments are published, and are detailed here: These alignments demonstrate that Stonehenge was primarily a functional scientific instrument, used for measuring angles. The angles of interest were the rising and setting bearings of the sun, moon, and stars. It was therefore possible to map the entire visible sky. Download
rila.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Rila Monastery, Bulgaria. This is a panoramic view of the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. This building is quite high so the sky area is not really large. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


silistar.jpg BG360 - Silistar, Bulgaria. Panoramic view of the Silistar Beach in Bulgaria. See this panorama here Flash pano.


alexandernevsky.jpg BG360 - St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria. Panoramic view of the Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Bulgaria. See this panorama here Flash pano.


rousse.jpg BG360 - Statue of Freedom, Rousse, Bulgaria. Panoramic view from the center of Rousse in Bulgaria. See this panorama here Flash pano.


thumbnail-dm.jpg Markus Dähne - Central Munich. This landscape shows the view from the Eastern observatory of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. During public observing sessions, Stellarium is used to help explain the sky :-)


landscape_leist_thumb.jpg Bernd Lang - Leist, Switzerland. This landscape was developed from a panoramic picture of the Leist in Switzerland (2222m). The picture was taken during a hiking tour from Tanenboden to the top of the Leist.


landscape_stonehenge_thumb.jpg Fernando - Stonehenge, England. This landscape depicts Stonehenge - the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, Southern England.


avignon.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Place du Palais des Papes, Avignon. This is a panoramic view of the Place du Palais des Papes in Avignon. France. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


avignonb.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Le Pont d'Avignon, Avignon. This is a panoramic view of the Pont d'Avignon (aka Bridge Saint-Bénezet) in Avignon. France. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


orange.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Roman Theatre of Orange. This is a panoramic view of the Roman Theatre of Orange- France. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


landscape_cambridge_thumb.jpg Matt Hickford - Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK. Panorama from the grassy roof of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, UK in March.


landscape_grantchester_thumb.jpg Matt Hickford - Grantchester Meadows, Cambridgeshire, UK. Panorama from Grantchester Meadows, Cambridgeshire, UK in March. Flat horizon.


landscape_areeiro_thumb.jpg Filipe Gomes. This is a panoramic view of the Pico do Areeiro, the second highest

point of the island. Madeira Island - Portugal. Download

landscape_caniga_thumb.jpg Andrea Pittalis. This landscape was taken from the Caniga Country, near Sassari in Sardinia, Italy.


cdn-landscape.jpg Peter Lynch. Cuevas del Negro, Andalucia A nearly flat rural landscape in southern Spain. The site has very dark skies and a view down to about 3° to the south.


landscape_aaaov_thumb.jpg Astronomes Amateurs Aixois Observatoire Vauvenargues (AAAOV) - France. Vauvenargues Observatory located near Aix-en-Provence, France.


landscape_baie_saint_michel_thumb.jpg Astronomes Amateurs Aixois Observatoire Vauvenargues (AAAOV) - France. Saint Michel Bay - Serre Ponçon lake, Alpes - France.


landscape_la_guardia_thumb.png Quiero Regresar a mi Planeta - La Guardia. La Guardia is a fishing village in Galicia, in the NW. of Spain. This landscape was taken on the 19/07/2008 at 12:38 p.m.


landscape_uvalno_thumb.jpg Uvalno - Czech Republic. A view from a garden in the village of Uvalno, Czech Republic.


sentvid-thumbnail.png Šentvid, Ljubljana, Slovenia. View from the roof of the observatory of Gymnasium Šentvid, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


stellarium-moczyn.png Jacek Patka Poland,Zagan - sity Johannes Kepler. View of the old quarter.


North America

saltlakecity.jpg Hiram Bertoch - Salt Lake City Panorama. Hiram made this panorama for the KidsKnowIt Network's outreach program


landscape_sanjose_thumb.png BrendaEM - San Jose, California, USA. This panorama was made using Nasa's WorldWind. Screenshots were taken at 45 degree increments. The screenshots were layered and stitched together, and then offset until the the Northern mountains were aligned. A landscape such as this could be made of any location in the world. There is a plug-in for WorldWind called "BigScreenshot," that may make the process easier, but not automate it. A plug-in could be written to do this entire process automatically.


thumbnail.jpg Lee Trampleasure Amosslee - Berkeley, California, USA. This panorama is centered at the Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar at the Berkeley Marina. The solar calendar has large stones that line up with the sunrises and sunsets at the equinoxes and solstices. 4096X2048 PNG photo, 8.3MB, or 2048x1024 PNG photo 2.1MB. In the larger photo, I painted the Golden Gate bridge to make it stand out a bit more. Credits and location can be found in the landscapes.ini file. Please include credits if you use/distribute this version.
tn_School-Image2.png John Chester – Chesterton Elementary School - San Diego, California, USA. This landscape was taken to help encourage students to learn about science and astronomy using Stellarium. The panorama was taken at the playground area of Chesterton Elementary School on October 23, 2011. The image was constructed using the Multiple Image Method using 8 overlapping images to provide a high level of detail. The original composite panorama image was 22442 (width) x 2418 (height) pixels . Composite photo reduced to 5 equally sized photos of 2048 by 1024 pixels. Many trees created complex horizon background but left details, such as tether-ball poles, in place during transparency development to keep landscape realistic. The lines of the playground provide an interesting perspective with Stellarium.


eltajin.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - El Tajin, Mexico. This is a panoramic view of the prehispanic city of El Tajin. Theses ruins are part of UNESCO World Heritage.


mexico.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Mexico Ciudad, Mexico. This is a panoramic view of the Zocalo (Plaza de la Constitución) of Mexico Ciudad.


uxmal.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico. This is a panoramic view of the Cuadrangulo de las Monjas in Pre-Hispanic Town of Uxmal. This site is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


boulder_thumb.png Martin C. Doege - University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, USA. View from Farrand Field at the University, with the Flatirons to the southwest. (File is 2.9 Mb)


landscape_jasperpyramidisland_thumb.jpg Rogier Gruys, Alberta, Canada. Pyramid Island dark sky observation site in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada - world's largest Dark Sky Preserve. This site is only 15 min from the town of Jasper, yet nearly perfectly dark. The panorama was taken just before sunset in October 2011.


South America

paranalscreenshot.png Dirk Essl - ESO's Very Large Telescope in the Atacama Desert, Chile. (updated version with higher resolution and correct alignment) The Very Large Telescope Project (VLT) is a system of four separate optical telescopes (the Antu telescope, the Kueyen telescope, the Melipal telescope, and the Yepun telescope) organized in an array formation. Each telescope has an 8.2 m aperture. The array is complemented by three movable Auxiliary Telescopes (ATs) of 1.8 m aperture. The project is organized by the ESO.


cachi.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Cachi, Argentina. This is a panoramic view of the Parque National Los Cardones near the village of Cachi.


lagunaverde.jpg Xavier Bonnefoy-Cudraz - Laguna Verde, Bolivia. This is a panoramic view of the Laguna Verde and Laguna Blanca under the Juriques (5704m) and Licancabur (5920m) Volcanos. These lakes are located in Reserva Nacional Eduardo Avaroa, Bolivia.


euler_la_silla_thumb.png Malte Tewes - Swiss Euler Telescope, ESO La Silla Observatory, Chile. Euler is the nearby telescope that can be seen in the west. It is operated by the University of Geneva, and its main duty is the quest of extrasolar planets. The New Technology Telescope (NTT) shows up just behind Euler's control room, Tarot is in due south, and finally the venerable ESO 3.6 meter telescope sits on its hill in the southeast. The panorama was taken on September 3, 2010, at about 7:25 local time, a wonderful sunrise after a snowy night. Screenshots

Download (8.2 MB, 4096 x 2048 pixels)

landscape_braziland_thumb.png Wanderson Nunes Ferreira photographed this panorama in the Brazilian city of Divinópolis in March 2011 and stitched it together into a spherical panorama that can be used with Stellarium.


Polar regions

concordia.png Cyprien Pouzenc - French-Italian Concordia Station. Panoramic view of the station installed at Dome C, Antarctica.



Please feel free to contribute your own custom landscapes here. Make thumbnails 200x114 pixels to fit with the rest of the page. Please include a location section in your landscape.ini file with the longitude, latitude, altitude and planet for the location of the landscape (see one of the pre-existing landscapes for an example).

To find out more about how to create a landscape, see the Stellarium User Guide, and examine existing landscapes. If you are having problems, posting to the forums is a good way to get some advice.

Important note on image dimensions

IMPORTANT: Make sure all textures have dimensions which are integer powers of 2, i.e. 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, ... e.g. 4096 by 1024, 2048 by 2048 and so on.

This is a limitation of OpenGL. Some video hardware will work OK with images with different image dimensions, but many will not display properly, suffer vastly reduced frame rates, and even crash the computer.

Please make sure all contributed landscapes conform to these requirements, or your link may be removed.

Be aware that many people's video hardware cannot handle very large textures. This is hardware and driver dependent. A typical maximum image size is 2048x2048 or 4096x4096.

Package contents

Please package your landscape in a .zip file with all files inside a directory in the .zip file. This should be unique to your landscape, and it would be nice it it was all lower-case with no spaces.

You should also include a readme.txt file which describes the landscape and specifies any usage restrictions or licensing terms for the images used in the landscape.


Before you distribute images as part of a Stellarium landscape, please ensure you are legally entitled to - you must be the copyright holder for the images, or be able to distribute them for use with Stellarium under the terms of some agreement with the copyright holder (e.g. Creative Commons licensed images found on the web).

It is important to explicitly state what use may be made of images for your landscape. This should be done in the readme.txt file inside the .zip file.

We recommend an open source license compatible with Stellarium itself (i.e. the GNU GPL), or one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Example package contents

From the Mars Husband Hill landscape:

  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
  1815308  02-05-07 21:02   mars_husband_hill/husband_hill.png
      211  05-28-07 19:44   mars_husband_hill/landscape.ini
     1096  06-04-07 15:21   mars_husband_hill/readme.txt
 --------                   -------
  1816615                   3 files

The readme.txt file should look something like this:

Mars Husband Hill Landscape for Stellarium


This landscape was taken from the NASA Spirit Rover on Mars.


This file (readme.txt) should have come in a zip file with some others
Here is a listing of all the files which should be in the zip file:


Installation & Use

Unzip the landscape package file in your personal stellarium data
directory, or the <config_root>/landscapes directory.  The location
varyies depending on your operating system.  See the Stellarium
User Guide for per-platform details.

Once you have installed the landscape, open Stellarium and go to the
configuration dialog.  Select the landscapes tab, and select the landscape
from the list of available landscapes.


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell


NASA Images are released into the public domain

File encoding

The landscape.ini and readme.txt files should be UTF-8 encoded text or plain ASCII. It's probably a good idea to adopt the Windows line ending encoding, (i.e. CR LF). Both Windows and *nix style line ending encoding should work OK in Stellarium, but Windows users will have an ugly time reading the readme.txt if it uses *nix-style newlines.

Need hosting?

If you have a landscape you would like to share but have no web-space to put it, email me and I'll put it on my site.

See also


The following tools may be useful to people who wish to create their own landscapes:

Program Platform(s) License Notes
Autostitch Windows; may also run on Linux using Wine Shareware/demo Looks like it produces good results. Registered version includes extra types of projection. No source code.
Hugin Linux; FreeBSD; MacOSX; Windows Free/open source (GNU GPL) Hugin is a nice GUI for Panorama Tools
Panorama Tools Linux; FreeBSD; MacOSX; Windows Free/open source (GNU GPL)
Microsoft's Image Composite Editor Windows Free (costless)

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