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The purpose of this plugin is to allow the visual observer to record their observing sessions, and keep notes on what was seen and what equipment was used to see (or photograph) it.

This is currently a very basic plugin. Over time, if there is interest, I will add additional features.

NOTE: this plugin is not distributed with the 0.10.3 Linux or Windows package. You'll need to either build from source, or wait for the next version.

Using the LogBook plugin

You have to do a bit of setup to use this plugin. Equipment must be defined, and targets added to the system, before you can record an observation session. In general, you need to do the following:

  1. Add an observer
  2. Add a target
  3. Add an optic device

Everything else is optional.

There are several windows that make up this plugin. They'll be described in more detail below. They are:

  • The configuration dialog. Opened with alt-L hot key.
  • The targets dialog. Opened with the alt-T hot key.
  • The main recording window. Opened with the command-T hot key (ctrl-T' for non-Mac users).
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