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  | Improvements
  | Improvements
  | ''1.1.1''
  | 1.2.0
  | ''0.12.3''
  | 0.13.0
  | Bug fixing

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[edit] Description

Reports an analysis of source observability (rise, set, and transit times), as well as the epochs of year when the source is best observed. It assumes that a source is observable if it is above the horizon during a fraction of the night. The plugin also gives the day for largest separation from the Sun and the days of Acronychal and Cosmical rise/set.

[edit] Using the Observability analysis plugin

  1. Enable the tool by clicking the tool-bar button "Load at startup"

[edit] Version history

Plug-in version Stellarium version Significant changes
1.0.2 0.11.4 First public version of plugin
1.1.0 0.12.0 Improvements
1.1.1 0.12.2 Improvements
1.2.0 0.13.0 Bug fixing

[edit] How you can help

We are welcome bug reports, feature requests and feedback through the usual channels (trackers, forums and so on).

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