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The following plugins are included in Stellarium version 0.10.3 and later:

  • Angle Measure - a tool for measuring the angular distance between two points
  • Compass Marks - add marks for compass bearings along the horizon
  • Oculars - simulate the view through various telescope eyepeices
  • Telescope Control - allows Stellarium to control a computerized telescope
  • Text User Interface - re-implements the old TUI (useful for planetarium users)
  • Satellites - calculates and renders Satellites in Earth orbit from NORAD/TLE data (hello ISS!)

Some other plug-ins exist:

  • LogBook - allows you to record observation notes, and track your observation sessions
  • VirGO - The ESO-sponsored archive browsing and visualization tool

>==Enabling plugins== To enable a plugin:

  1. open the Configuration dialog (press F2 or use the left tool bar button)
  2. Select the Plugins tab
  3. Select the plugin you want to enable from the list
  4. Check the Load at startup option
  5. Restart Stellarium

If the plugin has configuration options, the configuration button will be enabled when the plugin is loaded.


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