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1.0.3 Processing into a Textures.json Insert

Place your image in the *.png format in the nebula/default folder. Ensure that the name matches the textures.json entry.

Once you have the corner cordinates of your photo you can add them to the decimal converter program and it will write an insert “nebula.json” as a text file that you can paste directly into the textures.json file that is in the nebula/default folder

Save the textures.json file with the new insert and run Stellarium. Select the object in the Object selection window and slew to it. Your image should be there and with a bit of luck it will nicely overlay the stars in the Stellarium program. However this only rarely happens so a little bit of tweaking of the json worldcoords will be needed to get a perfect match. Select the telescope (equatorial mode). This will show the area with north up. Select each corner in sequence and make small changes to the cordinates. Re start Stellarium each time and check if you have moved the right direction. Continue with each corner until all the stars match. With a little bit of practice this will be done in about 10 minutes.

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