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==See also==
==See also==
*[ this feature request]
*[ this feature request]

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[edit] Problem Description

When searching for stars by their Bayer Designation, it would be helpful for people without Greek keyboard layouts, or who do not know the extended character input modes of various operating systems to have some mechanism by which to search for stars using their Bayer designation.

[edit] Proposed solutions

[edit] Transliteration

The search feature should match not only literal Greek characters, but also "spelled out" names of Greek characters in Latin characters, e.g. α Tauri would become "alpha Tauri". Here's a full list:

  • α alpha
  • β beta
  • γ gamma
  • δ delta
  • ε epsilon
  • ζ zeta
  • η eta
  • θ theta
  • ι iota
  • κ kappa
  • λ lambda
  • μ mu
  • ν nu
  • ξ xi
  • ο omicron
  • π pi
  • ρ rho
  • σ sigma
  • τ tau
  • υ upsilon
  • φ phi
  • χ chi
  • ψ psi
  • ω omega

[edit] Unicode Character Composition

Like the Gnome/Pango input scheme where pressing control-alt-u puts the line edit into unicode character composition mode such that the following character strokes are interpreted as numeric unicode codes. e.g. "control-alt-u 0 3 b 1 [RETURN]" is α, "control-alt-u 0 3 b 2 [RETURN]" becomes β and so on. This might be better being OS-specific, as the Windows crowd have their own ALT-code composition method (which maybe already works - can someone check this?), and the Mac also has a character composition method which is different again.

[edit] GUI panel

A GUI panel similar to that implemented in "character map" applications might be available in the search dialog - perhaps as a checkbox enabled drop panel.

[edit] See also

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