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A plug-in that allows manipulating Stellarium landscapes from within Stellarium itself.

For a start, it should allow installing landscapes from zip files that have been downloaded to the desktop or somewhere else.

  • Un-compress archives (DONE)
  • Recognise landscape format (partially DONE), show message if invalid
  • Present an option to copy to user or main data folder
    • User friendly interface explaining the difference
    • Warning if the operation requires administrator rights
  • [Later] Detect 0.9-series landscape description format and suggest updating it to 0.10-series format (replace \n with <br/>, etc)

It should also offer the operation of removing installed landscapes. (DONE)

  • Recognise the original ones and prevent their deletion? (DONE)

Later: creating landscapes (not the images, only the configuration file + folder package):

  • Choose landscape type
  • Browse for images
  • Edit landscape name and description
  • Easy landscape orientation (Stellarium's current landscape engine allows reloading landscapes on-the-run)
  • Easy creation of "custom horizon" landscapes if this landscape type gets implemented


Required skills

  • text file manipulation
  • GUI design (please separate the GUI from the code that does the work - for example, please don't include the code for moving files in the class that provides the window)



Add/Remove Landscapes plug-in

User:Daggerstab has written a simple plug-in implementing the two basic management features: installing a landscape from an archive and removing installed landscapes. The code is available here:

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