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Since the developer meeting of April/May 2007, we decided we should release more often. We also drew up a list of features we consider to be important - things we need to do before we feel comfortable releasing a 1.0 version. The results of those discussions can be found in the feature list spreadsheet.


Version meanings

  • 0.x.0 releases will include major new functionality.
  • 0.x.1, 0.x.2 etc. are service releases (i.e. mainly bug fixes and a few new features)


0.9.0 - Early June 2007

Released June 7 2007

0.9.1 - July/August 2007 (?)

Bugfix release. Timing will depend on severity of problems with 0.9.0.

  • Fix faint objects luminance / atmosphere
  • Fix time zone on windows
  • Replace all time management (date/time/timezone etc..) with Qt methods
  • Remove all automake/autoconf related files
  • Adapt eye luminance to planets/moon brightness

0.10.0 - date to be discussed

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