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As of version 0.10.1, Stellarium has a new scripting engine.  This is currently in development (2012-03-19).  It is possible to test the new scripting engine if you build the latest bzr Stellarium, although please bear in mind it is not yet complete and the API will most certainly change as development continues.
==API Documentaion==
After building Stellarium itself from the SVN code, do "make apidoc" (you need Doxygen installed).  This will create a directory: .../stellarium/builds/doc/html which contains the API documentation in HTML format or you follow this link [ Doxygen-API]
===From the Stellarium repository===
*[ Partial lunar eclipse]
*[ Total lunar eclipse]
*[ Solar eclipse, 2009]
*[ Landscapes Tour]
*[ Zodiac]
===User contributed===
*[ Adam Fenley's solar eclipse, 2017]
*[ TBuschhardt's Hertzsprung-Russel-Diagramm] - extract all 3 files into the script folder
*Solar eclipse in Germany 1999 - ([ english] / [ deutsch])
*Simulation of arctic summer and arctic winter - ([ english] / [ deutsch])
*[ Steve Tuttle's Analemma and Mars in Retrograde Scripts]
*[ Opposition Scripts] 11 Scripts in all. Scripts show oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. By Qam1
*[ Solar System Event Screen Saver] Script does a slide show of various past, present and future events in the solar system such as notable oppositions, conjunctions, planet groupings, eclipses, transits, occultations, etc. 171 Events in all!!!!  I am constantly adding more so check back often. By Qam1
*[ Mars Closest Approaches] Script displays Mars' closest approaches to Earth from 1561 to 3218. By Qam1
*[ Mercury and Venus Greatest Elongations] Script displays Mercury and Venus' Greatest Elongations as seen from Earth. Includes Venus' Greatest Brilliancy dates. Now Version 3. By Qam1
*[ Earth from Other Planets] Scripts showing what Earth will look like from other planets in the solar system. 6 Scripts in all. Now version 4.0 By Qam1
*[ Mercury: Triple Sunrise and Sunset all in one solar day] Due to the quirks in Mercury's orbit and rotation at certain spots the sun will rise & set 3 different times in one Mercury day. By Qam1
*[ What's out tonight] Shows information about selected objects, used as looped introduction at public observing events. Right now just for October 2010.
*[ Dawn/dusk/sunrise/sunset jumps]. Run the script and whenever you switch to a new day (day, week, month & year) and it will automatically go right to the dawn/dusk/sunset/sunrise. By Qam1
*[ Stars and Planets Conjunctions] 6 Scripts in all showing conjunctions between the planets and bright stars. The conjunction of stars include Aldebaran, Antares, The Beehive, The Pleiades, Regulus and Spica. By Qam1
* [ Phobos Phun]Five scripts of some happening with Mars’ moon Phobos. By Qam1
* [ Planet Ephemeris] Script will go to the best time to view selected planet and give more ephemeris like RA and Dec from Sun, phase, rise, set, transit times, ring angle for Saturn, magnitudes and earth shine and more!! By Qam1
* [ Rise and Set times] The script will display Rise, transit, set, up length times and Right Ascension from the sun for 49 different bodies (Stars, planets, asteroids). This script will also display Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight and Astronomical twilight times. Version 3.0 By Qam1
* [ All-in-one] [ help]: Display Messier, Urban, Caldwell, Double and Carbon stars lists. By Edouardo

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