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User Contributed Scripts

This page contains links to scripts provided by users.

  • Matthew Gates: Solar eclipse (Bangladesh, 2009).
  • Barry Gerdes: Solar eclipse (Australia 2028).
  • Stefan Hittler: Solar eclipse (Germany 1999).
  • Vincent Giangiulio: Analemma/ Aurora
  • Richard Brice: Transit of Venus (Arabian Sea, 2012).
  • Gregory Nuckolls: Your Sign.
  • Matthew Gates: Audio test. This script will help you to find out if your version of Stellarium was built with sound support enabled.
  • Mitch Gerdisch: helloworld This is a script that was put together to help the new script writer understand some scripting tricky bits.
  • Luca Zanchetta: occultation of Saturn 2007 This nice script shows a tour of the Western sky in May 2007, as visible from European Latitudes, paying special attention to the occultation of Saturn by the Moon at this time.
  • Please submit!

Need hosting?

If you have a script you would like to share but have no web-space to put it, email me and I'll put it on my site].

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