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Please note that version 0.10.0 of Stellarium does not have a scripting engine — a new, and more sophisticated scripting engine will be implemented for a future release. People who are able to build the SVN code may play with the new scripting engine now.


Installing Scripts

To install a script copy the script file (.sts extension), and any texture files it uses to the scripts sub-directory of your User Data Directory. Instructions with many of these community-donated scripts may date back to older versions of Stellarium, and the instructions provided with the script may be out of date.

User Contributed Scripts

This page contains links to scripts provided by users.

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Note for version 0.9.x

Scripts written for versions previous to 0.9.x of Stellarium might have date commands with the argument in a format like this:

date utc 2008:4:24T12:00:00
date local 2008:4:24T12:00:00

This will cause a problem in version 0.9.x — you need to update such scripts so that the date commands have this format:

date utc 2008-04-24T12:00:00
date local 2008-04-24T12:00:00

i.e so the delimiters in the date portion are hyphens ("-"), not colons and numbers contain leading zeros, where applicable.

Need hosting?

If you have a script you would like to share but have no web-space to put it, email me and I'll put it on my site].

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