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We would like very much to have artwork for all sky cultures, as we presently do for the Western and Inuit cultures.

Even if you are not artistically inclined, you can still help a lot with this process. We need people to research what images should be used to represent constellations in different sky cultures.

This process will probably include a fair bit of reading about the mythologies of the various sky cultures. The end result should be a package on information for artists, with one section per constellation. For each constellation it should include:

  • A brief description of the constellation, e.g. "A Hippo with a pipe in it's mouth with such-and-such-a-star as the hippo's eye, and a such-and-such-a-star being the tip of the tail
  • A diagram (or screenshot) of constellation lines
  • If possible, an example image - e.g. in the Egyptian sky culture, a picture of the God Sah for that constellation.

If in the course of researching a sky culture you can improve upon the description of the sky culture in the program, please also do that!

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