Summer of Code in Space 2014

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Ideas for the SOCIS 2014 (ESA Summer of Code in Space).


Common requirements

All of these tasks require knowledge of C/C++, as Stellarium is written in it, and some knowledge of the Qt framework (or willingness to learn the basics very quickly), because Stellarium relies heavily on it, especially for its GUI.

You should also become familiar with Stellarium's merge proposal review guideline, which outlines how your code will be reviewed before it's merged in Stellarium's code.

Suggested workflow

For each task that looks interesting to you:

  • Understand it - read the description and try to imagine what is required
  • Research it - if the description is unclear, you can ask for clarification and/or do some research and come up with your own ideas. Also, look at how Stellarium works with similar tasks
  • Sketch it - Check out Stellarium's code and build it (there are instructions on this wiki), look at what can be used and what needs to be done to implement your idea, how it will come together with the rest of Stellarium
  • All of this should prepare you to write a good proposal.


Add-on manager for management of downloadable extras

See Launchpad Blueprint Add-on manager for management of downloadable extras

Brief explanation: An Add-on manager something along the lines of that in Firefox, for downloading, installing, updating and removing extras: specifically landscapes, scripts, sky cultures, star catalogs, nebula sets.

Knowledge Prerequisite: C++

Mentor: Alexander Wolf (IRC: alexwolf)


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