Telescope Compatibility

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This page lists telescope control drivers and their compatibility with various models.

Make Model Status Driver (see note 1) Notes
Meade Autostar Supported ServerLx200 Original reference implementation
Meade LX200 Supported ServerLx200 Original reference implementation


  1. The name of the driver refers to the class in the driver source code. This is usually similar to the name of the resulting binary (program), but to be certain, look inside the .hpp file which is used to make the binary. It might be a good idea to adopt the convention of making the resulting binary have the same name as the driver class.

Autostar ETX70 with 494 controller and 506 cable. Cross hair appears and telescopeserverLX200.exe poles telescope but the telescope fails to move when request is made. This has been tested on three different installations. has anyone else checked this it could be a difference with the 494 controller that is not on the 496/7.

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