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This page lists telescope control drivers and their compatibility with various models.

Make Model Operating System Server (see note 1) Status Notes
Meade Autostar Linux TelescopeServerLx200 Untested
Meade Autostar Windows TelescopeServerLx200.exe Supported see note 2, please send a logfile!
Meade Autostar MacOS X TelescopeServerLx200 Untested currently source code only
Meade LX200 Linux TelescopeServerLx200 Supported Original reference implementation, used by the developer
Meade LX200 Windows TelescopeServerLx200.exe Supported Original reference implementation, seems to work well with different kinds of Windows
Meade LX200 MacOS X TelescopeServerLx200 Untested currently source code only
Losmandy G11 Linux/Windows TelescopeServerLx200(.exe) Supported successfully used by some guy in the forum


  1. The telescope server program (short: Server) is a stand alone program that can operate exactly one telescope, and can simultanousely serve one or many clients (like stellarium). The terms server and client refer to the respective role in TCP/IP communication. The name of the binary should uniquely identify the telescope communication protocol it is using for communicating with the telescope. Naming convention for programmers: The name of the driver refers to the class in the driver source code. This is usually similar to the name of the resulting binary (program), but to be certain, look inside the .hpp file which is used to make the binary. It might be a good idea to adopt the convention of making the resulting binary have the same name as the driver class.
  2. Autostar ETX70 with 494 controller and 506 cable. Cross hair appears and telescopeserverLX200.exe polls telescope but the telescope fails to move when request is made. This has been tested on three different installations. The reason is that 494 controller does not operate directly on the COM port and has an active interface unit in the 506 cable. Further investigation has shown that the time taken by the interface conversions precludes the operation of the standard calls unless a delay of approximately 1 second is entered after each command is sent. As far as can be ascertained there is no move to upgrade the 494 firmware. Note the Meade Autostar Suite is the only program I have found that can control the 494 (other than the specials I wrote to glean this information) B.G
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