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As of version 0.10.4, Stellarium offers two ways to control a computerized telescope or telescope mount:

  • the old client-server model: Stellarium is a "client" to a small independent program (a "telescope server") that drives the telescope. This method requires editing Stellarium's configuration file and running console applications, so it is not very user-friendly.
    • It is the only option (for now) to command a RTS2 telescope.
  • the Telescope Control plugin

Third party applications

These application act as "servers" in the client-server model. They can be used both with the old feature and the Telescope Control plug-in:

  • StellariumScope is a program for MS Windows allowing Stellarium to control a variety of telescopes using the ASCOM drivers.
    • An instruction on how to use the Telescope Control plug-in and StellariumScope to control a HEQ5/EQ6 type equatorial mount can be found here: HEQ5/EQ6. Written by Karl Van Louwersen.
  • StellLXTSRB is a telescope server for Mac OS X, developed by Tony Barry. It has been used successfully with a Meade ETX-80 and an LX-90. According to its author, it will possibly work with any LX-emulating telescope.
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