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'''2007-02-14: Due to a terrible cock up with hosting, is off-line for the moment, please forgive this interruption of service., it'll be back up shortly'''.  In the mean time, please use gmail email address below.
web: [] [ Stellarium resources on].
web: [] [ Stellarium resources on].
email: matthewg42(at)

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Hi, I'm Matthew Gates. I'm a nerd from the UK. I've been one of the Stellarium developers since Jan 2006, primarily in the capacity of technical author.

User guide

Contributions to the user guide should be generated using LyX and patches from the subversion put into the patch system on sourceforge, or emailed to me at the address below.


As of Feb 2006 I've got a fair bit of free web space and some bandwidth to play with. If anyone has stellarium contributions which are too large to go into the offical distribution such as landscapes, nebulae images and so on, I would be happy to host them on my website.

email me at the address below if you have something you'd like to put there.


web: Stellarium resources on


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